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I used to call my journal Luna-chan :)
It's been nearly forever since I've posted in LJ. 

I used to write journals like there was no tomorrow----I have had about 3 LJs at least in my life.

When I got to talk to people more, and make friends I stopped doing this (especially when I met David). I guess it was like I was talking to someone else about everything---and it was such a nice feeling. I called my journal Luna-chan when I was younger. I wonder what stopped the me talking to Luna-chan...I even made a little comic when I was younger of Luna-chan and all XD and Pepsi----Pepsi kept me awake! :)

I love those memories---I think Luna-chan became a board for me to not be alone. I wrote stories that came into my head and didn't have the worries I have now. Yes, I worried----I've always been a worry wart, but not like now.

I wouldn't change them though for what I have now though either. It's such a liberating feeling to talk to people who actually listen and care about what you say. I had some bad experiences with someone who made me feel like nothing, and anything I was to say was meaningless. I am thankful that coming here changed that of me---especially David's influence.

I miss chatting to Heather on this and going back and forth. There are alot of things I miss---and alot of things I've forgotten---despite my apparent memory...I seem to remember bad things people said and did to me----and less of the good. I stop myself from searching for people who upset me---at least I have that in check! 

I'm surprised I erased my missydear journal....o.O I can't remember why I did----but guess just as well? 

I used to over analyize alot of things...I still do just not in written form. I am worried about the future, I worry about everything. It was a big step to do the Artist Alley in Nom Con---and I'll be at another soon. But I've not done a comic.... :( sigh this is a bit jumbled as I've been sick and icky lately but just wanted to post something. :)

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Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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