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Just recently got into Doctor Who, really sad but cried at the end of that episode!!!!

Waaaaah, this is gonna make me go why periodically for the next few years.

And what about the guy she met in the library?!!?!?!!??

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*hugs and cries "Donna!"*

That was so unfair for them, and I really hope they're leaving it open for her to eventually come back.

I realllly hope so too! I cried and have been going it's not fair the whole day!!!!!

If Davros' shock did that....then why can't the Doctor just shock her and leave her memories but not the mind of a Time Lord...I hope they bring her back but haven't even read anything about Catherine Tate keaving the show ah sigh, I'm gonna be in 'that's not fair mode' for at least half a year after this now!!!!

I saw your original entry before I watched it and was like 'ahhhhhh I'm getting bad vibes~~~~~' LOL. I watched it through YouTube this morning with my b/f David...he keeps saying 'they can bring her back' but I'm still saying 'it's not fairrr!!!!'

I love your icon of her there!!!!! :)


:( And she was all 'like bye' at the end to him :( :( :( :( :(

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