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Caffeine Adrenaline

::mocha mystery::

I used to call my journal Luna-chan :)
It's been nearly forever since I've posted in LJ. 

I used to write journals like there was no tomorrow----I have had about 3 LJs at least in my life.

When I got to talk to people more, and make friends I stopped doing this (especially when I met David). I guess it was like I was talking to someone else about everything---and it was such a nice feeling. I called my journal Luna-chan when I was younger. I wonder what stopped the me talking to Luna-chan...I even made a little comic when I was younger of Luna-chan and all XD and Pepsi----Pepsi kept me awake! :)

I love those memories---I think Luna-chan became a board for me to not be alone. I wrote stories that came into my head and didn't have the worries I have now. Yes, I worried----I've always been a worry wart, but not like now.

I wouldn't change them though for what I have now though either. It's such a liberating feeling to talk to people who actually listen and care about what you say. I had some bad experiences with someone who made me feel like nothing, and anything I was to say was meaningless. I am thankful that coming here changed that of me---especially David's influence.

I miss chatting to Heather on this and going back and forth. There are alot of things I miss---and alot of things I've forgotten---despite my apparent memory...I seem to remember bad things people said and did to me----and less of the good. I stop myself from searching for people who upset me---at least I have that in check! 

I'm surprised I erased my missydear journal....o.O I can't remember why I did----but guess just as well? 

I used to over analyize alot of things...I still do just not in written form. I am worried about the future, I worry about everything. It was a big step to do the Artist Alley in Nom Con---and I'll be at another soon. But I've not done a comic.... :( sigh this is a bit jumbled as I've been sick and icky lately but just wanted to post something. :)


Some little Vampire Chibi I did :) 

Can't say which I prefer....

x Compare DANCE x
by ~himebanana on deviantART

Dunno which I prefer. :( I know there are wonky things with it but still. 

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 So just back from my second class of Psychology. I've been doing Drawing the Portrait and Introduction into Psychology as night classes, Monday and Tuesday of each week for 2 hours. 

Bit tired, maybe a new post soooon......

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Eh I was accused of charging someone too much months ago, to be proven correct but they seemed annoyed at me about it. Maybe I did say 37.50...but that was just the covers, not the inside. Feel bad now, but being accused by someone you went on a limb to make a cover for got in trouble for, is upsetting, to me at least. :( Never meant to upset anyone either!

Not a good day at work, gonna go for a shower, it's raining.

I'm finding Twitter easier to handle. Dunno why, when LJ was my fav for so long! Sigh. I used to post like loads of times a day.

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just eating breakfast, bit wheezy still and tired. :( Can't we have a 3 day weekend permanently? Who said a weekend should only be 2 days?

but to be honest I had a 3 day weekend cause I've been working 3 Sat's in a row. Will be busy next few weeks too, 6 day weeks nearly.

I'm just not cut out for that sort of thing. I get too tired and my brain goes wonky. :(

Himebanana Chibi...

What do you think guys...?

This is a little chibi persona of 'himebanana'. :)

Kiss me I'm Irish by shalowater
I know retail can be fun at the best of times (sarcastic here, but)

A woman came in today and I've seen her before...she's not from Ireland and her English isn't the best (it's also hard to understand her words) but she was a nice woman who I helped before...

She said, "oh and I saw a woman looked like you! Her waist was skinnier and she was skinnier, I thought you had lost weight and then I went to say hello and she wasn't you!"

o.O Even if you did meet someone who was skinnier then the person you thought it was...why would you say that?

O.O People are strange. Then they wonder why I'm antisocial!

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David's gone home today. He had a one week visit, as a gift to me for Christmas from my parents. I miss him so much. :( I sort of feel all over the place lately, and I'm just so tired. I'm not sure why.

I'm a bit too tired to post much right now. Maybe I will post later.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season and a good start for the new year. :)

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Just back from surgery guys, just dizzy and feeling down, things were different then last time, but just waving hi sorry not been on just alot of stuff going around sigh, very tired sorry about this, see yous